Value Pack

Save 10% on our most popular cleaning and restoration products when you bundle them in this money saving pack!

All 3 of our most popular antique furniture and wood furniture restoration products:

  • The New Life wood moisturizer provides natural cleansers and refined beeswax to clean, condition and protect your furniture or any wood from future damage from the elements.
  • The New Life cream polish provides a high gloss finish for woods, marble and many other uses.
  • The New Life furniture masque is referred to as the “grime cleaner” by antique dealers that use it on those great treasures that have been denied the proper care.

4 thoughts on “Value Pack”

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  2. I would like to buy a case of New Life Wood Moisturizer. I have been using it for 9 years. Our home and furnishings were greatly damaged by Hurricane Katrina. I bought a case and have shared with friends who love it. We can’t find it to buy anywhere. I called the 800 number on the bottle and it no longer exists. Please help me.
    Many thanks…down to my last 1/2 ounce….

  3. Claudia,
    We are not RAMAX but know that they have been moving locations in San Antonio and there has been some sickness that has taken them away from operations sporadically. Hope the number is back up and operational. If not, please reach out again and I will email you privately with the contact info we have.

    If you need a bottle or two to hold you over you can always get it here and we will get it right out to you.

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