d-CON 00027 Ultra Set Covered Mouse Trap Lowest Price!

d-CON 00027 Ultra Set Covered Mouse Trap

d-CON 00027 Ultra Set Covered Mouse Trap Lowest Price!

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d-CON 00027 Ultra Set Covered Mouse Trap Description:

Ultra Set covered mouse trap is for those who like the effectiveness of a snap trap, but don’t like setting the snap mechanism or seeing the mouse after it is caught. This trap is easy to bait, set, and empty. Design reduces the chance of contacting the m

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #143 in Lawn & Patio
  • Brand: d-Con
  • Model: 00027
  • Dimensions: 2.30″ h x 2.90″ w x 6.30″ l, .60 pounds


  • Effectively catch pesky mice in high traffic areas of your home
  • Discreet appearance for placement on floor, cabinets, or countertops
  • Easy, clean, user-friendly operation
  • Includes cover to protect against accidental triggers
  • Designed for reuse

Customer Reviews:

The best trap5
These traps are the best. I got all different types of traps all over but this is the only one that catches the critters. After using them for years, I found tricks to increase the chance of a catch. First, use them back to back facing different direction against a wall. Mice are near sighted so they run along walls to know where they are going. Second, put the traps where you see droppings. Mice is a creature of habit. They will return to the same routes all the time especially when they know there’s food and where there’s food, you will see their droppings. Third, make a thin trail of peanut butter leading to the feeding cup from the opening and add a small blob at the opening. Like an appetizer. The mouse will get a taste of the goods and will not be afraid to go into the trap for the feast. I know it sounds crazy but the traps I’ve laid out with the appetizer always get the mouse even with other traps side by side to it. Good luck.

Never touch a mouse!5
I found these in a supermarket and have been using the four I bought 7 years ago, until they finally broke (hence my order here.) After a couple of nasty experiences with mice caught in glue traps (which are remarkably cruel!), I started looking for a better mousetrap and this is it. Once you set the latch, you know you’ve caught a mouse by the lever in the air and the tail trailing out the back of the trap. To get rid of the dead mouse, you pop the back, lift the lever up a little to release the snap and shake it out. You don’t even have to look when you’re doing this. Then you just have to reset them. We had a big problem a few years ago, and these traps were life (and sanity)-savers. We’re down to the occasional rodent now (thank the heavens!), but I still couldn’t live without these.

It works….5
The mice were outsmarting the glue traps in my apartment. I put a pea-sized ball of peanut butter in the server cup and have caught 2 mice so far.

From the Manufacturer
Traps are ideal for high traffic areas where baits might be a risk for pets or children. Place them in areas where you see or suspect mice. Peanut butter, nuts, and cheese effectively lure mice to traps. Check the traps often. If rodents are not caught in 4-5 days, move the traps to a new location. Always place traps perpendicular to the wall. Be sure traps are not accessible to children or pets.

World News Features RAMAX New Life

Dear Dan (Covert),

You didn’t overstate the potential of your mother’s remarkable New Life Wood Moisturizer. You may remember that I was one of the media guests who stopped by your table during the HAT travel show last Sunday.

I brought all four of the RAMAX products home with me. Yesterday I used the moisturizer on the dining room table and sideboard purchased by my grandparents at the turn of the century. The mahogany was badly dried out and through the decades, a series of inappropriate furniture poslishes had caused damage I thought could be repaired through extensive refinshing.

After 2 treatments with New Life Wood Moisturizer the results are amazing: The wood grain shines through on the table and the sideboard. By combining the moisturizer with the New Life Furniture Masque applications, old water marks and other scars have disappeared. All that with the delightful fresh orange scent as a most appealing bonus!

I was so inspired I decided to see if the cream polish could remove an unsightly, and seemingly permanent, stain on a formica surface caused by the red foil wrapper on a holiday plant. With only one application the big red blob faded. A quick treatment with furniture masque, followed by a final wiping with cream polish eradicated the stain without any damage to the surface. It looks better than new.

I am happy to recommend RAMAX products and look forward to utilizing the tung oil finish on antique desk I recently had stripped but hadn’t finished.

Connie Shirley, “World News Features”, Austin, TX