Paslode Cordless Battery Lowest Price!

Paslode Cordless Battery

Paslode Cordless Battery Lowest Price!

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List Price: $89.99

Amazon Price: $38.00

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Paslode Cordless Battery Description:


  • Amazon Sales Rank: #872 in Home Improvement
  • Brand: Paslode
  • Model: 404717
  • Dimensions: 6.50″ h x 2.75″ w x 1.25″ l, .70 pounds


  • Rechargeable 6-volt battery for all newer Paslode cordless tools (except the cordless stapler)
  • Provides power for driving up to 4000 nails per charge
  • For use with Paslode models 900420, 900600, 901000 & 902000
  • Requires #900200 charger (not included)

Customer Reviews:

It’s a battery4
What is there to say about a battery? It takes a charge and it delivers power. This particular model lasts a very long time. The impulse guns must not require much power to operate because these will drive several thousand nails before dying. My only complaint is that they are expensive compared to other batteries . At the same rate a 12v would be a hundred bucks.

Bad battery design..1
Loyal paslode customer own approx. 10 cordless guns, approx 12 oval batteries, 8 of the batteries have came apart at the clip. The top of the battery comes completly off when you put it in the gun. Have to use black tape to hold the batteries together. Don’t have much choice I need a battery to fire the guns trying to find other options. Any sugestions?

Paslode Battery3
Hard to find battery. Originally faily expensive replacement made possible at a resonable cost at

From the Manufacturer
Paslode Rechargeable Battery for Cordless Tool

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